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Cheryl Alexander is the Creator/Director of Every Body’s Yoga Training®, a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that incorporates traditional Yoga with the Expressive Arts. 

Soon to Come:  A new "Twist"  -  Yoga for persons with Multiple Sclerosis; Yoga that bridges Asana and Art; Yoga specifically focused on healing (in conjunction with the Health and Healing Consortium of San Antonio, Texas.

Click here to request a journal of Previous Yoga and Priestess Training and to inquire about future Retreats.

Previous Yoga Classes:

Yoga EBYT Graduates and Staff - February 2004

Yoga Class in Puerto Morelos Yucatan   

Cheryl in Fish Pose (Maui)    

Downward Facing Puppies

Email: Cheryl@cherylalexanderdesigns.com