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Roots and Wings Studio

Production Sculpture 

At the Spa


These fired ceramic tiles are done from a life drawing series called "At the Spa".  They have hangers for immediate placement, or the hangers may be removed and they may be installed permanently as tiles, or permanently with "liquid nails".  The 4"x10" and 4"x5" tiles form a continuous pattern when displayed horizontally together in this sequence left-to-right:  Two women back to back; slender solo; 2 women facing; and Eve (plump solo).  The pattern can repeat over and over if a customer wanted a long continuous line of tiles in the bathroom or spa.

Choose the colored patinas, as shown above, or custom.  You may also order any of these tiles in the natural color of clay, as shown below.  Either finish is sealed.  

   In a patina finish, the large tiles are $45.00; Small are $24.

   In a Natural terra cotta the large tiles are $40.00; Small are $20.00

   Inquire for shipping and handling cost.


Sun Worshipers

Sun Worshippers, shown below in four different finishes, are cast in ArtStone as wall sculptures.

sun Worshippers copper over teal edt.jpg (43554 bytes)       Sun Worshippers Copper patina edt.jpg (52962 bytes)      sun Worshippers gold over teal edt.jpg (46046 bytes)      Sun Worshippers rust patina edt.jpg (34883 bytes)

Shown from left to right, Copper over Teal, Copper Patina, Gold over Teal, and Rust Patina.  The price is $48 for ANY matching pair of tiles. they may be hung on the wall, or hangers clipped off and installed as you would any tile. they are about 5"X5" square.  All are weather-sealed.

Sleeping Goddess of Malta

Sleeping Goddess of Malta Bronze patina edt.jpg (45884 bytes)    Sleeping Goddess of Malta Copper Patina edt.jpg (47741 bytes)   Sleeping Goddess of Malta custom patina edt.jpg (47205 bytes)   Sleeping Goddess of Malta rust patina edt.jpg (46549 bytes)

Bronze Patina, Copper Patina, Custom Patina, and Rust Patina.

Four versions of the "Sleeping Goddess of Malta", an interpretation of a paleolithic sculpture.  Any finish, $45.00 plus shipping.  They measure about 4"x2"x1.5"


  Sacred Portals: An ever-growing series of door markers of the symbols of World religions.

 Buddha's Footprints pt edt.jpg (47734 bytes)   Buddha's Footprints, 4"X5", painted Door Marker - ($24.00)

 angel wall plaque gold antique finish.jpg (48141 bytes)  Angel wall plaque, antiqued with gold frame and highlights: ($24.00)

 Shambala Wave edt sent to pat.jpg (68182 bytes)  Shambala Wave, traditional blue and yellow, gold frame 5"x4": ($24.00)


The Ichthus is one in a series of door markers of the world religions.  Below are four examples of the Christian Ichthus symbol, 4"X7", with holes for hanging by door.

Ichthus antique terra cotta and gold.jpg (50120 bytes) Ichthus Simple painting edt.jpg (43815 bytes) Ichthus Terra cotta edt.jpg (28224 bytes)     Ichthus, 4"x8": ($18.00 plain; $24.00 painted.)

Shown from left to right, Ichthus finished in Terra Cotta antiqued with Gold $(24.00), Ichthus with Simple Painting finish, Blue or Green Background with gold letters and frame ($24.00), and Ichthus in Terra Cotta ($18.00).  

All finishes are coated with an all-weather sealer.  Shipping and Handling will be added.


One-of-a-Kind Sculpture

Cheryl enjoys creating custom pieces from your photo, sketch, or description. Email you ideas, budget and photos!

Angel Bear sculpture edited.jpg (55457 bytes)


  Angel Bear: 18"X10"X10" sold; similar piece may be commissioned, $1250 plus S and H

Guardian Angel Rust better edit.jpg (36961 bytes)  Guardian Angel: 18"X9""5", Stoneware clay with Rust Patina, $325
In_the_Hands_of_the_Beloved_Bronze_Patina.jpg (32327 bytes)  

  In the Hands of the Beloved: 15"X8"X5", Stoneware clay wall sculpture with Bronze Patina, 

  $450 plus S and H

Mermaid_Cuddling_Fish.JPG (52819 bytes)Mermaid Cuddling Fish: 24"X12"X12", Stoneware diptych (that is, 2 pieces that are displayed together; part of the mermaid is "under the water"), stained and waxed finish; $850, plus S and H, includes curved-cut, quareter inch blue plate glass for display.
SunMoon_Wal_Sculpture_edt.jpg (48147 bytes)

SunMoon Wall Sculpture (19"diameter): Painted and sealed terra cotta clay, $125-$175 depending on finish and amount of detail.

Woman_Dreaming_Sculpture_edt.jpg (47792 bytes)


Woman Dreaming: Stoneware sculpture, $550 plus S and H


Classes in Ceramic Sculpture and the Chakras

Workshops and Classes on hand-building ceramic sculpture and creating your own Chakra Sculptures will be offered in the artist's Albuquerque studio in the summer.  Contact the artist for dates, prices and to be put on the roster!

Click here to order or make an inquiry.

Email: Cheryl@cherylalexanderdesigns.com