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The Heart of Matter

Available now for shipment to your healing center, meditation room, or studio.  Perfect in dance or art space. Beautiful on a garden or greenhouse wall or patio (See Photo of garden installation).  Priced from $120 to $190 depending on finish.  Sets of greeting cards and colored graphics from $14.  

Cheryl has spent three years creating and producing sculptures of the seven Chakras. Traditionally the Chakras are shown as line drawings, or sometimes paintings, of the seven psycho/spiritual human energy centers. Alexander has rendered these flat designs as living, flowering bas relief sculptures, which appear to grow out of their three dimensional frames.

The title “The Heart of Matter” is a reference to the deep truth that the physical body, or “matter”, has a deeper essence, or “heart”.

The series is available as wall sculptures (plain or in a variety of patinas); colored graphics; or classic black and white greeting cards. Each of the Heart of Matter pieces includes substantial explanatory text.


  Heart of Matter sculptures 2nd.jpg (32104 bytes)  Heart of Matter sculptures 3RD.jpg (29351 bytes)  Heart of Matter sculptures 4th.jpg (34121 bytes)  Heart of Matter sculptures 5th.jpg (31539 bytes)  Heart of Matter sculptures 6th.jpg (33955 bytes)  Heart of Matter sculptures 7th.jpg (32509 bytes)

The sculptures above are shown with “rust patina”; measure 12”X12”x1”; and may be sealed for indoor or outdoor use. They are $190 each, plus shipping. Inquire for a discount when ordering an entire set of seven.


              6th Chakra Color graphic for web.jpg (29997 bytes)  7th Chakra Color graphic for web.jpg (34553 bytes)

The colored graphic reproductions of the Chakras above are prints of hand-colored black and white photographs of the sculptures. They measure 81/2”X 11” each and come in cellophane envelopes on acid-proof cardstock with an information page. $14 each; $88 for the set of seven, plus shipping.

Click here to order or make an inquiry.

Email: Cheryl@cherylalexanderdesigns.com