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Cheryl's “Awakening Series” is four silver sculptures to be worn as pins, pendants, or displayed in frames.  The four delicately modeled female figures  suggest through their form and posture the stages in the journey of the soul toward enlightenment.   

The series was inspired by the tale of Inanna, the Sumarian goddess who descended to the Underworld where she gathered her power and reentered the world to take her throne.  The sculptures celebrate the goddess nature unfolding within every woman, from the first stirrings of self-knowledge and spiritual connection to the radiance of compassionate power.

"On this inner journey, we are all goddesses-in-the-making, seeking and finding inspiration in dreams, relationships, retreat and spriitual practice, as well as from intense challenges and apparent failures", the artist explains.

"As we establish that connection to our source of inspiration, we discover that nature supports us, dreams become lucid, synchronicity increases, and we gather the strength to hold ourselves and others in compassion.  May all beings be free."

This series is available as Pins or Pendants, and is perfect for any special occasion in a woman's life.  Birthdays, Coming of Age, Bat Mitzvah, Marriage, Initiation, Motherhood, Friendship, Anniversary, Graduation, or Wise Woman.

Hearing the Voice, Looking Within, Beyond the Veil.....Silver.  The Awakening....Silver with 14K gold sphere.  (Diamond or other settings available)


Please Email for current pricing



Bronze Bracelet.JPG (114588 bytes)  Sun Worshippers

Cuff Bracelet in Bronze 

(Also Available in Silver) 

Sky Dancer pin or  pendant bronze edt.jpg (59691 bytes)   Sky Dancer Pin or Pendant in Bronze 

  (Also Available in Silver)

Woman Dreaming Man

Woman Dreaming Man  earrings and pendant bronze edt.jpg (141333 bytes)  Earrings and Pendant (Bronze)

      (with 14" triple rope gold filled chain.)  


Woman Dreaming Man earrings and pendant edt.jpg (90608 bytes)    Earrings and Pendant (Sterling Silver)

(with silver chain) 

     Email: Cheryl@cherylalexanderdesigns.com